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Love Alive - Heart

This Heart Really Pumps! At first glimpse, youíll think youíre seeing Ann Wilson. After watching and listening for a while, youíll swear on a stack of Bibles. But, itís a southern California girl named Patricia Morales. From the looks, the moves and that incredible voice, she so embodies Heartís legendary lead, you might not notice just how fabulously freaking good the band behind her is.

Love Alive doesnít just perform the music, they perform the band. Starting with Heartís sensational first hits, like Magic Man and Barracuda, Love Alive invites the audience on an adrenaline road show through time. They play the hits and favorites in order, and go through costume changes to evoke each era Ė such as the gypsy troubadour look of the 70s or the big hair and leather of the 80s or the non-glam style of their more recent outings.

Live Performance at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, CA
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